How to remove virus from the Laptop without Antivirus

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If you are having a feeling that something suspicious is happening in your laptop or it is performing slower than usual; then there might be a virus inside. But, do not worry, we will tell you how to remove virus from the laptop without Antivirus.

Viruses are stubborn and can roam anywhere on your laptops or other devices. They enter your laptop in many ways that even you don’t know-how. These viruses come in your system from several ways, such as through dark websites, by installing ill software in your laptop, or by plug-in USB-drives on your laptop.

Besides slowing your laptop, some malice viruses often try to rob data from devices. Therefore, if you know how to remove viruses from your laptop without Anti-virus, you don’t have to install or pay for anti-virus software and ease your work with some tips and tricks.Follow along the mentioned-below methods to remove viruses from the laptop without using Anti-virus software.

Remove Virus from the laptop without Anti-virus while making use of Task Manager

This method lists all the viruses in Task Manager and helps you execute their running processes. Follow the steps along.

  • Open task Manager by pressing keys Ctrl + Alt + delete.
  • Click on the Processes tab mentioned in the second row. Now, get familiar with all the running tasks and processes in the list. If you find any suspicious program, google to confirm.
  • After confirmation of the running virus-related process, click “End Task” to end the process from spreading in your laptop.

Remove viruses from Laptop by using Command Prompt

Next in our list is using Command Prompt to remove a virus from your laptop. this is also a great method that doesn’t require anti-virus and your system itself removes malice viruses. Follow the detailed instructions below.

  • Swiping in from the bottom left, click the Search bar and type cmd. Next, a list appears, select “Run as administrator”. Now, a window will appear.
  • Type F: and hit Enter on your keyboard. If a comment appears that “The system cannot find the drive specified.”, type the drive letter of the malice division or system.
  • Next, type attrib -s -h -r /s /d . and hit Enter.
  • Again, write dir and hit Enter, and now the running commands happen to load all the documents and files which are not visible.
  • Not to be confused. If the files contain “.inf” and “autorun” type extensions, write “del autorun.inf” to execute such malice viruses from the laptop.

Use Windows Startup to look for suspicious activities or viruses to disable

Another method for how to remove virus laptop without Anti-virus. This process will help you with exposing suspicious viruses and malware that are rising from the startup.

Follow these steps to disable strange processes.

  • Search and open Task Manager. Open the Startup tab, in the second row, next to App history.
  • A list of programs will appear with their publisher, status, and Startup Impact. Disable each program with an unknown publisher or manufacturer by right-clicking on the program.

This is how you can disable such processes or files without using Anti-virus software. Such programs without publishers are often dangerous and contain viruses or malware.

Execute Virus from Laptop using Safe Mode

As mentioned before, today’s viruses are stubborn and advanced, even removing them from the Task Manager is sometimes a failure. If you are using Windows 10 or above, use Safe Mode to execute a virus from Laptop.

To enter Safe mode:

  • Click on the Windows icon on the taskbar. Open Windows Settings.
  • Choose Update & Security, move on to Recovery tab. Choose Restart now under Advanced startup. Through this, you will enter the Windows Recovery Environment.
  • After a window will appear. Select troubleshoot, open Advanced options, and select Startup Settings. Now, click on the Restart button.

As you are now in Safe mode, follow these steps to remove the virus from Laptop using Safe Mode.

  • Press Windows + R on the keyboard. A Run window will appear, write msconfig, and press Enter or click OK. Your System Configuration window is here.
  • Tick Safe boot and bullet Network button from the list. Apply the setting and click OK.
  • Now, the virus is executed. Exit Safe mode to run the normal windows settings.

Remove Virus from Laptop using Windows Defender

Windows OS has a built-in feature to protect devices from a virus. It is under the name “Virus & threat protection”. By using this feature, you can get rid of viruses immediately.

Follow the steps to have to enable Virus & Threat Protection in Windows Defender.

  • Go to Settings and tap Update and Security.
  • Now, click Windows Security and tap on Open Windows Defender Security Center.
  • Next, enable Virus & Threat protection and look for settings to manage. Turn on all four options in the settings to prevent the laptop from getting attacked by viruses in the future.

Once this feature is enabled, your Operating System will automatically run scans on time and detect all the unfamiliar files on your laptop.

Remove Virus from Laptop while checking recently installed Applications and Software

Checking your recently installed programs is important as it might seem that they have been infected by malice and virus. So, to be sure if our Applications and Software are clean, run this method on your laptop to remove viruses from the laptop without using Anti-virus software.

  • Open Start menu and click Settings or type settings in the search tab of the taskbar.
  • Select Apps from the list. Locate Apps & features, check for all the apps that you have installed. If you see any strange apps, click on those applications and Uninstall them.

Do this process after every newly installed app to remove the virus from the laptop easily.

These methods are easily doable and help you remove or execute the virus within minutes. Still, you need to take some preventive measures for viruses getting into your laptop. Take some tips into account to prevent your laptop from malware and viruses.

  • Anti-virus software is useful to a great extent. Download and install anti-virus, so you are up to date about daily scans and suspicious activities.
  • Always keep your OS up to minute.
  • Try avoiding open Wi-Fi networks and always use secured networks.
  • Run scans scheduled by your anti-virus on time.
  • Keep a scheduled time for backing up your files.
  • Secure your content with strong passwords to avoid breaching of privacy.

This is how you can have a fast performing and virus-free laptop. hope, these preventive methods are a great way to start cleaning up your laptop with ill viruses and malware.

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